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Public Engagement

Transpiration Graphic

Public Engagement

OTI Science Fair

The Transpiration Cooling Team are very excited to have the opportunity to share some of our research and the engineering challenges we're trying to address with everyone!

The Team have been working away to develop exciting and engaging portable outreach kit that demonstrates some of the exciting research challenges in an interactive way. This includes portable, but fully function wind tunnels, VR headsets, temperature changing painted model space vehicles, infrared cameras and much more! The gallery below shows a some of the kit.

So far, we have presented at city-wide science festivals, presented at schools, held an artisitic-tranpsiration event and had may talks.

Art display at outreach event

One of the standout activities was an exciting event held by the Transpiration Cooling Team at the OTI, that bridged Hypersonics and Creative Design. A key objective of this event was to engage students who had little primary interest in science through the medium of art. Thirty-eight students from four different schools in year 10/11 attended the event.

To develop artworks inspired by engineering, five artists from Ruskin School of Art were paired with five engineers from the EPSRC and Rolls-Royce funded Transpiration Cooling project. The event featured several stations showcasing the art, engineering talks, and hands-on activities. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Outreach Gallery

Computer screens in office

The Transpiration setup at the London, Great Exhibition Road Festival

Transpiration Tunnel

Imperial College Transpiration Outreach Tunnel Developed

Engine Model

3D Printed, Motorised Outreach Jet Engine Model

OTI Science Fair

The Transpiration Team at the Oxford IF + Science Festival

Transpiration Tunnel

Oxford Thermofluids Institute Outreach Tunnel Developed